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Dear Friend,

If you own a smartphone like an iPhone or Android…

… and you’re ready and willing to fuck a LOT more women in your local area then this is going to be the most exciting letter you’ll read all year.

Here’s why…

You’ve heard of Tinder right?

The notorious "hook-up app" men and women are using these days to meet up for endless no strings casual sex?

Well, according to latest figures there’s now 25 million women using Tinder right now…Which means most of the single, down-to- fuck girls in your local area (aged 18-40) are almost certainly using it.

Now, maybe you tried Tinder in the past and you hated it…

Or, perhaps you feel it wouldn’t work for you for whatever reason.

Because I know I sure felt like that…

When I first heard about Tinder and downloaded the app, I stayed up until 4am like a giddy teenager swiping pictures of girls until my thumb ached expecting to meet tons of new exciting women…

I started thinking something was wrong with me… maybe I was too ugly, or too old… or just too damn scrawny-looking to get girls on Tinder.

I told all my friends (who were all sleeping with at least one new girl they'd met on Tinder every month at the time!)

How… "Tinder was a waste of time, and how all the girls on there were nothing more than dumb, shallow, attention-seeking dick-teasers!"

Of course, I was just jealous. And it turns out I couldn’t have been more wrong… It makes me laugh now when I think about at how angry it made me.

You see, if you’ve tried Tinder before and found you weren't matching with a lot of girls… its very likely that it had absolutely nothing to do with you at all…

And the secret is that there is a 'secret algorithm' on Tinder that controls who matches with who. And guess what?

The guys out there getting laid on Tinder right now… all know how to use this algorithm to match all the hottest and horniest girls in your area.

That’s the only difference between them and you.

And this is why all the so called "Tinder Advice" you see online advising you to 'take better profile pictures'

Or, 'write wittier comments' in your bio" is a complete waste of time and energy. Because you could be the most handsome, most interesting, most loveable guy in the world…

… but if you’re breaking the rules of Tinders secret algorithm your profile will NEVER BE SEEN by the women you want (and who want YOU) no matter what you do.

Now, If you’re interested in finding out how this secret
Tinder Algorithm actually works, and how you can use it to make all the hot & horny girls in your local area match & message YOU to hook up for sex on Tinder then please read on…

My name is Rob Judge, and over the last 12 months I’ve been researching all the factors that influence matching on Tinder. I even hired a full time assistant, Ryan to help me.

For months, we scored the internet, sifting through blogs, forums and hacker manifestos.

We made spreadsheets and performed test based on social experiments, reverse engineering, profile testing, and even the occasional rumour.

Our Research Uncovered
7 Deadly Sins
That Stop Women Matching You On

And even though I’m willing to buy you a drink if I’m wrong…

.. I think its safe to assume that if you’re a red-blooded man who loves women

… and you’ve used Tinder before…

… you’ve committed at LEAST one of these seven deadly sins which has stopped you matching all the hottest, horniest girls living in your area.

So right now, I’d like to show you how to avoid these 7 sins and start matching with a LOT more women, if you will let me. And just think about what this will do for you…

How incredible would that be? Because remember, the beautiful thing about Tinder is that you don’t have to ‘guess’ whether a girl wants to bang you.

If she matches you. Its because she wants you. She’s chosen YOU.

All you have to do, as the man, is decide where and when to hook up. It really is that simple, the only obstacle of course is getting women to match you in the first place.

Which is why I feel so strongly about the power of the secret I’m about to reveal to you…and its ability to get you laid faster than any other method in the world right now.

And its also why I’m going to guarantee you (with real money) what I’m about to show you will help you…

Now, in my just-published 37-page report, The Match Multiplier, I reveal the secrets to increasing your Tinder matches with all the hottest, horniest women in your local area.

Praise for
Rob Judge’s
dating advice

Respected Seduction Blogger and Writer Says

"Rob Cracked The Code"

"Listen, I already knew Rob has good game, so I wasn’t surprised how many girls he was meeting on Tinder.

However, I’ve referred several of my students to him for coaching, and the results he has gotten them is astonishing.

These guys are now meeting dozens of new girls a month off of Tinder and swear by the methods Rob has revealed to them.

I know Rob personally, and there is NO ONE who has more experience on Tinder than him. Do what he says. Thank me later."

— Bobby Rio

"Genius Material"

"Rob has been privately teaching me for the past month, and what I have learned has been invaluable. Last week I went on a date with three different girls.

Let’s just say they ended well.

I was about to give up on Tinder until I started working with Rob and now its the main way I meet girls and get dates.

I can’t recommend this enough"

— Mark
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